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Rochester Nursing License Defense Attorney



The Minnesota Board of Nursing is the regulatory agency that oversees the nurses within the state, ensuring that they are in compliance with care standards and disciplining them if they are not. When a nurse is suspected of some kind of wrongdoing, they may have to go through a disciplinary hearing and this can be a stressful process.

If you are a nurse who has been accused of a violation, you will need the help of a Rochester nursing license defense lawyer to help you through the accusation. With the help of an attorney, you increase the chances that you will be able to keep your license and you don’t have to go through the disciplinary process alone.

Helping You Reveal The Facts

It can be easy to become confused during the disciplinary process, as it is highly involved. Because of the confusion and difficulty, it can be easy to leave out important details. Your attorney will help you ensure those details are included so that you may not have to see every step of the process. The process typically involves:

  • Receipt of the complaint letter by the board
  • Investigation by the board
  • Informal Settlement Conference
  • Agreed Order Negotiations
  • Formal charges are brought
  • Case proceedings
  • Motions for appeals
  • Hearing for an alternate form of punishment
  • Appealing the board’s decision with the District Court

This is a process that is very stressful and one that your Rochester nursing license defense attorney will help you through from start to finish. The goal is to make sure you retain your nursing license. We can help you reveal the facts that you need revealed to the board so that you can have the outcome that you need.

Strategically Minimizing The Complaints Against You

The goal is to minimize the complaint in some way or show that it is irrelevant. Complaints are commonly submitted by co-workers, law enforcement, other nurses, doctors, hospital staff, and anyone who may feel a violation has come about. Complaints typically allege drug abuse, malpractice, paperwork errors, mental illness, document falsification, and much more.

Sometimes the investigations progress to a certain point and then they stop and other times they move forward. If a formal charge is filed by the board, it does become public knowledge. It is very important that you have your attorney by you every step of the way so that you always have guidance when you must answer to an inquiry, so you are not alone in the process, and so you can receive the best outcome.

Contact A Rochester Nursing License Defense Lawyer

If you are being investigated for a nursing violation and your nursing license is at risk, you need an attorney by your side who is experienced in professional license defense so you can get the best possible result in the matter. While you may believe that you will lose your license, there are factors that may keep you from losing it. To learn more about how Fabian Hoffner can help you defend your license and career, call 612-206-3777 to schedule your free consultation.