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Twin Cities Nursing License Defense Lawyer

The Minnesota Board of Nursing is responsible for establishing the rules and regulations that nurses in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota have to abide by. If a nurse is found in violation of these rules and regulations, the end result is discipline. This disciplinary action can come in a number of forms, including license revocation.

If you are a nurse whose career is threatened due to a complaint of wrongdoing, you deserve the help of a Twin Cities nursing license attorney who can show the facts in your case so that you can receive the best possible result in the matter. This is a confusing process and it is one that you don’t want to go through by yourself.

Helping You Navigate The Matter With Confidence

There are a number of stages to the investigation process and the disciplinary process. How far the matter goes depends on what is found during the investigation. Sometimes the investigation only goes so far before being closed and other times it continues on to the next step, which is the Informal Settlement Conference.

After the Informal Settlement Conference, the formal charges are brought upon the nurse and then it moves forward with the case proceedings. Your license may be suspended or you may be placed on probation. The ultimate end result is revocation of the license.

If you do not like the end result, you can appeal the board’s decision and have the matter reheard. From there, there may be a hearing for temporary suspension, probation, or another type of disciplinary action. If you still do not like the result, you can take it to the District Court to be heard.

Undoubtedly, the process is a stressful one. The last thing you want to be facing is the end of your career under such circumstances. The moment you receive the letter of investigation, you need to contact your Twin Cities nursing license defense attorney to help you navigate the process and remove as much intimidation from it as possible.

Facing Nursing Complaints

The complaints tend to be submitted by individuals who believe a violation took place. These individuals are patients, nurses, employers, criminal prosecutors, families of patients, law enforcement, prosecutors, and many others. The actual complaints can involve documentation errors, falsifying documentation, misconduct, criminal convictions or arrests, or anything deemed in violation of the nursing board’s code of conduct or rules and regulations.

Most of the time, the investigations are dismissed due to the evidence being insufficient. Even if you are just being investigated, you need your attorney to be there to help you answer questions and inquiries that you may be asked to respond to. Giving the correct answers could be what is the difference between the matter moving forward or being dismissed.

Contact A Twin Cities Nursing License Defense Attorney

It can be devastating when your nursing license is at risk. You had to complete years of school and training to get where you are, so the last thing you want is for it to be threatened by an accusation of wrongdoing. Fabian Hoffner is a professional license defense attorney who is highly experienced in such matters and who is familiar with the state nursing board. By having this experience by your side, you can secure a much better result. To learn more, call 612206-3777 for a free consultation.