Three Reasons Why An Attorney Professional License Defense Team Worked For Us, and Will Work For You Too

Licensed professionals are held to a higher standard than blue-collar employees due to their experience and education. Therefore, when a professionally licensed individual is accused of misconduct, it is usually shocking to both the individual and the public.

It is difficult to trust a doctor who tells you to stop smoking when you see him smoking outside his office during breaks. You won’t see that sort of contradiction here; we have three reasons why an attorney professional license defense team worked for us, and will work for you too.

  • First: A professional license attorney specializes in defending clients with professional licenses. You will be represented from the moment charges are filed against you until your license is reinstated. Your defense team will be with you throughout the entire process: hearings, revocation or suspension, and appeals.
  • Second: By hiring an attorney, you will be able to take a step back from trying to defend yourself by letting another person handle the case. By hiring a third-party individual, you will receive the best possible representation.
  • Third: Hiring an attorney who specializes in professional license cases usually results in minor consequences for the accused. The majority of cases handled by a professional license attorney were either dismissed due to lack of evidence or the attorney received a public or private reprimand. Under 1% of cases resulted in disbarment of the accused.

If you are a lawyer, who has been accused of misconduct that could jeopardize your license, please contact us to further discuss your case with an experienced and knowledge professional license attorney.