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Minnesota Accountant License Defense Lawyer

Accusations of violations or other wrongdoing could threaten your career when you are a licensed accountant practicing in Minnesota. That is why you should know in advance how to handle such accusations so you can protect your license. This means having an attorney on your sped dial who will be ready to help you if you have to make the call. As for when to call your Minneapolis accountant license defense attorney, you should do it when you find out you are being investigated.

When you make that call, the Hoffner Firm will advise you on what actions you should and should not take, as well as what you should or should not say. You do not want any actions or statements being used against you in your case. Once you know what to do and say, you can then give the state licensing board the response that they have requested and give it to them within their timeframe.

The Complaint

When a complaint is filed against you by a customer, co-worker, or competitor, the board will contact you by letter to tell you that an investigation is taking place. From there, you may or may not have to talk to an investigator over the telephone. If the investigator does not uncover anything that supports the complaint, the matter will not move any further. If the investigator does find that the complaint has merit, you will need to stand before the licensing board to answer to the accusation. This is when you can have your attorney with you.

By having your attorney involved from the very beginning, you reduce the odds that you will lose your license or it be suspended. You also reduce the odds that strict disciplinary action will be taken against you that could hurt your business. If your licensed would be suspended or revoked or you are disciplined, you can appeal the decision. If your license has been taken from you permanently or temporarily, an appeal could result in reinstatement.

Aggressive Representation

Of course, reinstatement is the goal when a license has been suspended or revoked. Nonetheless, your Minnesota accountant license defense lawyer will work to have the matter dismissed before suspension or revocation is ever on the table. That chance exists when standing before the licensing board and your attorney can give every reason why the evidence found by the investigator is not enough to find you guilty of the violation. You are also able to present evidence that works well on your behalf, thus proving facts in the matter.

Contact A Minnesota Accountant License Defense Attorney

While accounting may be a rather quiet career choice, there are times when accusations of violations could come about. If these accusations are brought to the attention of the state board, an investigation may take place and you may be placed in a position where you have to defend yourself. If so, it is best to do so with a qualified attorney by your side. To learn more about how the Hoffner Firm can provide you with comprehensive representation, call 612-206-3777 or fill out the contact form to schedule a free consultation.