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Minnesota Pilot License Defense Attorney

If you work as a pilot and your license is being threatened because of a training issue, a question of conduct, or a safety matter, you need an experienced Minneapolis pilot license defense lawyer to assist you in the matter.

In Minnesota, we have many pilots who live here and pass through on their regular routes. Unfortunately, there are times when accusations of wrongdoing can come about. Those accusations may come from a flight attendant, co-pilot, a passenger, or anyone who may believe they have something that says a violation took place.

Types Of Violations

There are a number of violation types that pilots have been accused of. They include:

  • Inappropriate touching or advances
  • Not following procedure
  • Acting inappropriately with flight attendants or passengers
  • Substance abuse
  • Negligence
  • Accidents related to negligence or not following procedure

If there is reason to believe that any of the violations were committed, then the situation will be investigated and it could result in the loss of your pilot’s license. However, having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney by your side the entire time can prevent you from losing your licensed or having to contend with a suspension.

Dedicated Representation

When you choose a Minnesota pilot license defense lawyer to represent you in the matter, the outcome can be a much better one. Your attorney knows how to reveal the facts in your case. Whether it is a conduct matter, a safety matter, or another issue, we have the experienced needed to help you face possible disciplinary actions. If you do not agree with the decision that is handed down, it is your right to appeal it. There are many times when appeals can lead to the initial decision being overturned. We have seen licenses reinstated and individuals go back to work because it was revealed that the accusations may have been based on weak evidence, may have been made by someone who had a vendetta, or may have been the result of a jealous colleague. The reasons behind complaints are many and we have successfully dealt with a great deal of them.

Contact A Minnesota Pilot License Defense Attorney

If you are a pilot who has been suspended or fired over conduct, a training matter, or a safety issue, or you have been offered a last chance agreement, you need to work with an attorney who has experience assisting pilots faced with these issues. We have represented many clients who have faced disciplinary action that is not consistent with the incident. Furthermore, we have represented individuals who have been discriminated against in some way, leading to the accusations against them. To learn more about how the Hoffner Firm can help you, call 612-206-3777 or fill out the contact form to schedule a free consultation.