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Minnesota Therapist License Defense Lawyer

The role of the therapist is a very important one in that it involves holding the well-being of other people in your hands. They trust you with the intimate details of their lives because they are looking for a change. But when an accusation is made against you regarding an ethics violation or alleged criminal activity, the state board may become involved and conduct an investigation.

If you find that you are being investigated for some kind of violation that was reported by a co-worker, a patient, a colleague, or another individual, you need a Minneapolis therapist license defense attorney to help you defend yourself. The sooner you make the call, the stronger your defense will be. This means the odds of preventing the board from revoking or suspending your license increases.

The Investigation

The investigation is not overly complicated, as the board will notify you by postal mail that an investigation is taking place. You may need to talk to the investigator on the telephone, but you are not obligated to before you talk to your attorney. The reason why you want to consult with your attorney before making this call is because you do not want the most innocent of statements being misconstrued into something that can be used against you. You also want your attorney to review your response to the board when they ask for one so you do not accidentally say the wrong thing.

If the investigator must come to your office to confiscate records, you can allow this without saying a word to that individual. Simply let them have what they want. The case could be dismissed or you would have to appear before the board. If you have to appear in front of the board, your attorney will be right there with you.

The Hearing

While the hearing before the board is considered an “informal hearing,” it is really anything but that. It can be a stressful process, but your Minnesota therapist license defense lawyer will be there with you to present evidence in your favor. At the end of the hearing, the board makes its decision to dismiss the matter or take disciplinary action.

Even if disciplinary action is the end result, you can object to it. In order to appeal the decision, you must not agree to it. If the action taken against you was suspension or revocation of your license, then you could get it back through an appeal. Having your attorney help you in the appeals process increases the odds of you getting your license back.

Contact A Minnesota Therapist License Defense Attorney

Therapists play important roles within society, which is why the state requires a license to practice within it. If that licensed is threatened because someone has filed a complaint that has led to an investigation, it is your right to use an attorney to defend your career. When you utilize the services of an experienced attorney, you increase your chances of avoiding license revocation or suspension. To find out more, contact the Hoffner Firm at 612-206-3777 for a free Consultation.