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Minnesota Psychologist License Defense Lawyer

As a psychologist, you have made the commitment to dedicate your professional life to helping individuals with a need for increasing their mental wellness. What you do helps people re-establish their well-being by giving them methods to deal with the deep seeded issues that keep them from moving forward in their lives. Because you dedicate so much of your time and effort to these individuals, it can be devastating to learn that you are being investigated by the state board because someone lodged a complaint against you.

Many of the accusations that psychologist deal with involve perceived ethics violations. However, the person who made the complaint could say they were touched in an inappropriate way or they were subject to another type of abusive behavior. Perhaps there is a co-worker who feels that a relationship with a patient is inappropriate or that there are ethics violations occurring. The list can go on and on. Nonetheless, the state board takes the complaints seriously and that means you will need a Minnesota psychologist license defense attorney to help you along the way.

Solid Psychological License Defense

There are instances when complaints and accusations have no merit at all. If the investigator determines that this is the case, then the matter will be dismissed.

Here are some of the most common types of accusations:

  • Engaging in fraud or deceit
  • Entering into a relationship with a student, patient, supervisor, or other individual that could impair or interfere with objectivity and with a psychologist’s ability to effectively provide services
  • Drug or alcohol abuse to an extent in which the competency of the psychologist is compromised
  • Felony conviction
  • Ethics violation, such as disclosing a patient’s information to another person not directly involved with their care
  • Failing to provide the patient with quality care as mandated by the rules of practice

This is a profession that requires a great deal of vigilance and care because a psychologist handles the most sensitive details about a client. It is very important that the client is able to trust, which is why psychologists work hard to establish that trust.

Disciplinary Action

There are times when license revocation or suspension may not be the end result. Instead, disciplinary action may be taken. Even if the process reaches the disciplinary phase and disciplinary action is decided upon, you can appeal that just as you can appeal a decision to revoke or suspend your license. Your Minneapolis psychologist license defense lawyer will initiate the appeals process for you and help you work toward getting your license back.

Contact A Minnesota Psychologist License Defense Attorney

The need for competent mental health professionals is growing at astounding rates in our country because of the increase in individuals needing assistance. Because of the number of cases, it is not unusual for a complaint of some sort to be filed. Some are known immediately to not have any merit, while others require further action to make that determination. If you are accused of a violation, call the Hoffner Firm immediately so you can be properly represented in the matter. To get started, call 612-206-3777 to schedule a free consultation.