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Minnesota Professional License Defense Lawyer & Attorney

taana_logo_2There are state licensing boards in place for many professionals working within Minnesota. These professionals include doctors, nurses, attorneys, judges, psychologists, psychiatrists, nursing assistants, and so many more. They take licensing exams to obtain their licenses after they meet a strict set of educational requirements.

There are cases in which an accusation of professional misconduct may result in the suspension or revocation of a professional license. A nursing professional, for instance, can face a misconduct investigation based on allegations, such as practicing under the influence of drugs or alcohol, gross negligence, abuse of patients, and failure to properly maintain medical records. These investigations are a serious matter, as it could lead to license suspension or revocation if the person is unable to overcome the accusations. The loss of a license could completely ruin a career. Even a temporary suspension may pose challenges in finding another position.

The moment a complaint is made against you, it is ideal to contact a Minneapolis professional license Defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your case will be reviewed and your questions answered.

We assist professionals including:

Ethical Dilemmas

Many times, an issue that clients face when an accusation has been made is that of ethical dilemmas. This means that there is an accusation that ethical guidelines were violated. Of course, it has to be proven that you did violate those guidelines and our job is to prove that you didn’t.

You may also call us if you have any questions regarding ethics. Sometimes, clients may not be sure if an action is a violation and we can provide the legal guidance needed to offer practical advice. The advice that we offer is both cost-effective and discreet so that you do not have to see the inside of a court room due to an ethics violation.

Experienced Representation

Fabian Hoffner is experienced in representing doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, insurance agents, and many others that require professional licenses to perform their jobs. As a dedicated and knowledgeable Minnesota professional license defense lawyer, you can count on having the representation you need when appearing in front of the board that oversees your profession. We have experience with the following boards:

  • Minnesota Board of Psychology
  • Minnesota Board of Medical Malpractice
  • Minnesota Board of Pediatric Medicine
  • Minnesota Board of Dentistry
  • Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
  • Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • Minnesota Board of Social Work
  • Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Minnesota Board of Nursing
  • Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board
  • Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
  • Minnesota Department of Commerce

If you have a professional license that is overseen by a state board, we know how to face them. Because of this knowledge, we are able to strategically show them why you should be able to maintain your license.

We understand how hard you’ve worked to get your professional license. If it is at risk of revocation or suspension due to an allegation, we encourage you to contact our law firm and speak with our dedicated license defense lawyer.

Licensing Board Disciplinary Hearings

If you have been accused of a violation, a licensing board disciplinary hearing is held to determine if a violation did take place. If it is determined one did take place, then disciplinary action is handed down. You do have the right to have an attorney present during your hearing to present evidence that no violation took place or that the violation was not as severe as what it may appear to be. Even if disciplinary action must be taken due to a legitimate accusation, the goal is to keep your license intact so that you may continue in your profession after you have paid the penalties for the violation.

In your defense, we will consult with specialists when necessary and gather the facts in every way possible. From the moment you make the telephone call for legal assistance until the final word in your case, you will have the legal help you need. You will not be left to your own to defend yourself.

Now and in the future, any questions you may have regarding possible violations can be directed to your attorney. This advice can prove to be invaluable in ensuring you preserve your career. Our firm knows how to counsel professionals in many fields so that potential violations can be avoided.

Minneapolis Professional License Defense Lawyer & Attorney

If you have been accused of misconduct and your professional license is at risk, you do need legal assistance. Every area of your case will be evaluated, such as what actions led to such an accusation and any statements from witnesses that can help in your case. To get started today, call 612-206-3777 and learn about your rights, your options, and get answers to your questions.