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Minnesota Veterinarian License Defense Lawyer

The Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine is very aggressive in its investigations, which means the chance of a veterinarian having restrictions placed upon their license is increasing. The way to reduce this chance, however, is to retain the services of a Minnesota veterinarian license defense lawyer who knows about the board’s procedures and what it takes to show them the facts and why certain restrictions, if any, should not be placed upon the license in question.

The Investigation Process

The investigation process begins when the veterinarian is notified of it via postal mail. Very rarely does notification of the investigation jeopardize the Board’s investigation. If it does, they may not notify. Nonetheless, the letter states that the veterinarian can respond to the allegations within a specific amount of time and that they can retain a veterinarian license defense lawyer to defend them against the allegations.

The Board’s investigator will then request any records that are relevant to the allegations, such as medication logs, medical records, statements from witnesses, and any other information that is related to the investigation. There are times in which the investigator will go to the vet practice in order to gather information. Once all information is gathered, a recommendation will be made based upon the allegations and what evidence has shown. From this point, the case could be dismissed or allowed to proceed.

The next step is the informal settlement conference, which is anything but informal. “Informal” means that evidence and rules of procedure do not apply. Evidence is presented to the Board members and they can then ask the veterinarian questions. When an attorney is present, evidence can be presented on the veterinarian’s behalf and a decision will be made. A recommendation is made, such as whether to dismiss the case or a proposed Agreed Order.

Agreed Orders

If evidence shows that a violation of the Board’s rules and regulations has been committed, a settlement offer may be proposed. Restrictions can vary widely, such as job restrictions or educational courses. There may also be supervision requirements, employer notifications, practice restrictions, and much more. Sometimes a license may be completely suspended or revoked, preventing the veterinarian from being able to practice at all.

If the veterinarian agrees with the proposed order, he or she signs the order for it to then be presented to the Board for ratification. If the veterinarian does not agree, the order does not have to be signed. If necessary, the decision of the Board can be appealed.

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