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Minnesota Insurance License Defense Lawyer

Making deals with body shops for kick backs, altered documentation, inflating claims to take a cut, and a number of other offenses can result in an accusation of misconduct. Any accusation can be a threat for your license, even if the accusation has no merit. That is why it is imperative to notify your Minnesota insurance license defense attorney the moment the investigation begins. This can be the difference between you being able to show all of the facts and not showing all of the facts.

Just like how the legal system operates, the state insurance licensing board has a process that they follow. Fabian Hoffner is aware of this process. This means that he knows how to prepare your case and how to provide you with persuasive representation.


When an accusation has been made, you will be notified that an investigation is taking place. This is a process that can take a while or it will take no time at all. Part of that process may involve the investigator speaking to you on the telephone. Before this occurs, your attorney will help you understand what you should not say. If the investigator says that they need to come to your office and gather specific documentation, your attorney is there to advise you on this step.

If the investigator finds that the evidence is weak, then your attorney can prove that weakness and the board may dismiss the complaint. Sometimes there is no evidence at all that supports the complaint. No matter what the reason behind the accusation, you deserve to have a knowledgeable attorney by your side so you can have a fair chance at continuing your insurance career.


After the investigation, you can expect one of a number of outcomes. They are dismissal, license suspension or revocation, disciplinary action, or it’ll be found that no violation occurred. Nonetheless, every effort is made to avoid license suspension or revocation, as well as disciplinary action. Your Minneapolis insurance license defense lawyer will stand by you if you have to face the board. Because no stone will be unturned and your attorney will work with you to create a strategy, you can prove the facts effectively and increase your odds of retaining your license. If you would lose your license and/or be made to pay penalties that you feel are unfair, you can appeal the board’s decision.

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If you are being investigated for an insurance violation, you need an experienced attorney working by your side every step of the way. There are times when a violation is revealed to not be as bad as initially thought. In fact, there are times in which accusations are simply based on the perception of a situation. No matter the reason, the Hoffner Firm can get to the bottom of it and provide you with representation that has a record of getting results. To learn more, call 612-206-3777 or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation.