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Minnesota Occupational Therapy License Lawyer

Any person may file a complaint with the licensing board stating you committed some kind of violation. Perhaps they are complaining about your conduct or they may feel that you jeopardized the well-being of another person. Whatever the reason behind the complaint, your Minneapolis occupational therapy license defense attorney will help you receive the best possible results in the matter with the desired result being the retention of your license so you can continue on with your profession.

The Investigation

When the court receives a complaint, an investigation will occur so that the board will receive evidence regarding the offense that was allegedly committed. This is done through an investigation and you must comply with it. However, you do not have to say anything without consulting with your attorney first. You do not want an innocent statement to be turned into something it is not and then used as evidence. Instead, your attorney can advise you when responding to the board or talking to the investigator.

After the investigator completes his or her investigation, then any evidence they find is turned over to the board so they can review it. They may determine that the complaint has no merit and dismiss the matter. If they feel there may be some merit, you have the right to stand before the board with an attorney and testify under oath in front of the board. You may also submit your own evidence that shows what really occurred.

Action Of The Board

If the board finds that the offense did occur, despite evidence that states it didn’t, they may suspend or revoke the occupational therapy license. However, a notice of appeal can be filed within a specific time. The action of the board will not be suspended, but a successful appeal means that you can get your license back and continue forward with your career. Your Minnesota occupational therapy license defense lawyer can help you in every way after an accusation.

Types Of Complaints

As for the types of complaints made against occupational therapists, they include the following:

  • Submitting false reports
  • Verbal, physical, or sexual abuse of a patient
  • Continuing treatment beyond the point of benefit
  • Refusal to carry out the orders of a referring doctor or practitioner
  • Crime committed outside of the profession
  • Discrimination
  • Sharing information with a third party not directly involved with patient care
  • Causing harm to the patient or their property
  • Violating ethical standards
  • Billing issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Making false statements or claims
  • Not accurately recording patient information

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