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Minnesota Sober House Defense Attorney

More and more sober houses are popping up in communities and they are sometimes met with opposition. The reason why there is opposition is because these houses are in residential areas and many residents mistake them as halfway houses. While there may be similarities between a sober house and a halfway house, they are quite different.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are free of alcohol and drugs, while also offering recovering alcoholics and drug addicts affordable housing. Most of the homes are privately owned and operated by a small partnership or individual. Some are registered as non-profit organizations and others are not. They typically do not receive grants or government subsidies, but some of the residents may qualify for benefits, such as SSI, welfare, Medicaid, etc.

The quality assurance aspect of sober living homes is maintained through the membership in a network or coalition. These coalitions and networks are self-governed and self-regulated through peer inspections and reviews. In Minnesota, there is the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes, Inc., which is designed to help establish and successfully manage community-based sober-living homes. There is a code of ethics and much more that each member home must abide by. All have a common goal, however, and that is to make sure the residents receive the help they need. Currently, there are over 40 known sober houses in Minneapolis alone.

Sober House Representation

When sober houses come up against communities that oppose them, it is important to have a Minnesota sober house defense attorney who can easily prove that the house is not a threat to the community. The houses only keep a specific number of people at any given time and they have strict rules that keep the residents from causing trouble in the neighborhoods.

Residents must also undergo support meetings, perform chores around the house each day, go to rehab, and much more. It is an alternative outcome that can be more beneficial than going to jail. It is also a program that helps the residents regain their self-esteem, reestablish their well-being, and they can even become productive members of the communities in which they live. There are sober house residents that will work within the communities cutting grass, doing home repairs for neighbors, and so much more. They can be assets to the communities that they are in. This is why when met with conflict, it is important to have a Minneapolis sober house defense lawyer ready to take on complaints and the results of those complaints.

Contact A Minnesota Sober House Defense Attorney

If you operate a sober house or you are involved in a network or coalition of sober houses and you are facing legal issues, you need an attorney who will be there to represent you and your mission. You are part of a very valuable cause and it is important that that is preserved. To learn more about how the Hoffner Firm can help you, call 612-206-3777 to schedule a free consultation.