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Minnesota Lawyer License Defense

Lawyers tend to be frequently scrutinized. For instance, an attorney can easily be accused of committing a violation while gathering evidence for a trial. They could also be accused of tampering with a jury or with a witness. These are all offenses that could result in an investigation and a disciplinary hearing by the State Board.

It can be hard for some to comprehend why a lawyer may be accused of misconduct, but this is one of the professions in which accusations happen frequently and mostly from someone on either side of the table who did not like the outcome of a case. First of all, attorneys work with the law every single day. Yes, they know it. However, other individuals on the outside of the law profession can bring about accusations that are taken very seriously.

The Investigation Process

It is ideal that you contact us as soon as you know you have been accused of an act considered a violation of the State Board’s rules and regulations. We will represent you from the moment you are accused all the way until your reinstatement. This means we will stand by you through the disciplinary hearing, appeals, citations, revocation, and suspension. There are many times in which a license may never be suspended or revoked due to having a solid defense by your Minnesota lawyer license defense attorney. Other sanctions may be imposed, but those sanctions may be temporary. There are also times in which the case may be completely dismissed because the evidence is too weak or the defense produces much stronger evidence that the act in question never occurred or was exaggerated.

Investigation Results

The goal is for the end result to be a dismissed case. There are several results that can occur at the end of the investigation and the hearing. The complaint can be found as unsubstantiated, inconclusive, found to have merit with insufficient evidence to prosecute, referred to the Attorney General for prosecution, issuance of a citation, or referred to the local district attorney or another law enforcement agency for prosecution. If the result is a negative result, your lawyer license defense attorney can work with you through this phase to ensure the best outcome. Decisions can also be appealed.

It is best to work for the best outcome since applications for future licenses may be adversely affected. There is also the fact that what happens to your career is public information and this can damage your reputation and your standing within the community. This is not to mention possible civil lawsuits by those making the accusations.

Contact A Lawyer License Defense Attorney

If you are an attorney who has been accused of misconduct or another act that could put your law license at risk, you need a fellow attorney who is knowledgeable of how to address the State Board and knows what to expect. We can create a strategy that will help achieve the best possible result in your case. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us at 612-206-3777 or fill out the online contact form to tell us about your situation and to take the first step toward scheduling your free consultation.