April 11, 2016 In Professional License Defense

Caught Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol? Contact a Professional License Defense Attorney

Many of us have had multiple drinks and gotten behind the wheel of a car without incident. The consequences of drinking and driving are not something we often think about. However, driving under the influence has very strict consequences in every state, including possible suspension or revocation of your professional license. If you have been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, contact a professional license defense attorney immediately to protect your professional license.

If you have a professional license in the medical field, licensing boards have strict consequences in place if you are charged with a DUI. In some workplaces, a DUI can be considered unprofessional conduct in the workplace, thereby providing the licensing board with jurisdiction to discipline the employee. Some states have implemented measures requiring the employee to undergo drug and alcohol treatment or counseling as well as requiring the employee to submit to random blood draws and urine tests. If a medical doctor is charged with a DUI, it can lead to possible loss of the ability to practice medicine.

For real estate agents and brokers, a DUI can affect the employee and agency’s reputation. A DUI charge can reflect upon the judgment and character of an agent, thereby warranting the agency to use the DUI as a basis for discipline. This discipline can include possible suspension or revocation of one’s license.

A night out on the town in which you have too many drinks can lead to an expensive and damaging mistake.

If you find yourself charged with a DUI, you need to contact a professional license attorney to protect your license. It is important to be proactive, open, and honest about your mistake in order to protect your license. You may wish to review the laws and regulations regarding your license and conduct. You may also wish to consult an attorney regarding your case. Contact us to discuss your case further with an experienced attorney who has represented many people who hold a professional license.