What To Do If You Are Accused of Prescribing Narcotics Illegally and Need a Professional License Defense Attorney

You finally made it through. You have invested thousands of hours into rigorous preparation for your medical career. You spent numerous hours studying in school, passed the licensing exam, and finally secured a financially stable career. However, you are now under investigation for prescribing narcotics illegally and require a professional license defense attorney. Being charged with a white-collar crime can ruin your career, finances, reputation, and possibly your life.

You are more likely to be charged with prescribing narcotics illegally if you are a nurse, doctor, physician assistant, pharmacist, or pharmacy tech. People in these careers have greater access to drugs than other medical personnel. If you have been accused of altering a prescription, stealing, selling, refilling a prescription without proper medical authorization, distributing without proper identification, or distributing narcotics to a minor child, it is vital to your career to secure legal representation for your case.

If your professional license is at risk for revocation or suspension, you need to retain an attorney with expertise in defending those with a professional license. Procuring an attorney could mean the difference between the protection of your license or never practicing again. Contact us to retain an attorney to prevent the loss of your professional license if you are currently under investigation or have been charged with a crime regarding illegal prescriptions of narcotic drugs. The laws regarding illegal prescriptions of narcotics differ from state to state; therefore, you need to secure a lawyer who is experience and knowledgeable in this field.