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Nursing and Narcotics Use

Nurses and Narcotics Use


Nursing can be a high-stress profession.  In addition to demanding and irregular shifts, nurses endure a myriad of stressors, including but not limited to: (1) work overload, (2) deadlines, (3) a lack of social support, (4) exposure to infectious disease, (5) patient-related violence and/or threats, (6) sleep deprivation, (7) role ambiguity and conflict, (8) understaffing, and (9) dealing with difficult or deathly ill patients.  Finally, in addition to the daily stress, nurses are often exposed to traumatic events, which may lead them to carry long-term, work-related, stress.

Work stressors quickly affect a nurse’s health and personal relationships.  Nurses, predisposed to depression and anxiety, may notice their symptoms escalate to the point of intolerability.  Endowed with medical training, and easy access to prescription medication, many nurses turn to the use of narcotics, to cope with the stressors they face.  As understandable as it may be, doing so will not only put your license at risk, but also open the door to possible criminal charges.

Narcotics abuse is a national epidemic and the Board of Nursing takes any and all accusations extremely seriously.  If you have been reported to the Minnesota Board of Nursing for diversion or actions related to narcotic addiction, you are not alone.  Mishandling, diverting or improperly prescribing medication is one of the most common complaints prompting the Board to launch an investigation into your ability to practice.  You will need to immediately retain an attorney to fight for your license.

As a seasoned defense attorney, I have extensive experience working with individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.  I know how to handle issues affecting both civil and criminal proceedings, while defending your rights.  Over the last seventeen years, I have successfully defended nurses, doctors, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists fighting accusations of impairment, and substance abuse.

Do not panic if you receive a notice from the Board of Nursing.  Due process requires the Board give you an opportunity for hearing, before an impartial decision maker, while represented by legal counsel before taking an action against your license.

Take action today by contacting Attorney Fabian Hoffner.  With the support of an aggressive attorney on your side, you can be assured your license will be protected and you will be ahead of any possible criminal charges.  For a free consultation, call me at 612-206-3777 to learn about your options, your rights, and to have any questions you may have answered honestly and promptly.