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Social Workers – Complaints to the Board of Social Work

Social workers play an essential role, in assisting individuals, families, and groups of people to cope with their problems and improve their lives. For many social workers, direct counseling is only one aspect of a broader set of job functions in which they carry out which can include case intervention, case management, client education, crisis intervention, referrals, advocacy, development and administration of social service programs and policies, as well as community organization and outreach. Such a wide array of responsibilities often places social workers in positions where they have to think on their feet, can be faced with tough choices, and if they are not careful, possible ethical violations, and disciplinary actions.

The Minnesota Board of Social Work is responsible for establishing and enforcing professional standards, including licensing social workers and resolving complaints against those they license. While the Board can initiate an investigation against a social worker; anyone can file a complaint.

After an initial complaint, the Board will decide whether or not to investigate the complaint and may enlist the Attorney General for assistance in doing so. The results of such a formal investigation are then reviewed by the Board’s Compliance Panel, which is responsible for either formally, or informally, meeting with the social worker before passing the matter onto the full Board.

If a violation is found, the Board can order disciplinary action such as remedial education, practice restrictions, and conditions, suspension even revocation of your license.  In addition, the Board can file civil penalties.

Do not panic if you receive a notice from the Minnesota Board of Social Work. You are entitled to an opportunity for a hearing. Take action today by contacting Attorney Fabian Hoffner, for a free consultation at 612-206-3777.  Together we will discuss your options, your rights, and answer any questions you might have.