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Founded in 2001 by Fabian Hoffner, The Hoffner Firm has represented a wide number of cases for clients throughout the state of Minnesota. As a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Minnesota, Hoffner has experienced the law from different positions.

It is this experience that has led to a very effective, aggressive, and competent law practice that provides clients with favorable outcomes in their cases.

We handle a wide range of cases in the areas of:

While the Hoffner Firm is a criminal defense firm that handles everything from theft and fraud to murder and sex crimes, there are a variety of other cases that are handled as well. For instance, those wishing to file bankruptcy can employ the firm to file a petition on their behalf and represent them in bankruptcy court.

Another area in which we help our clients is wills and trusts. Everyone with the wish to ensure their assets go to the appropriate parties after their death needs a will. There are some clients that also like to set up trusts in addition to their wills so that their children, grandchildren, or favorite charities receive money at a specific time. It is imperative that these processes are carried out properly to avoid any disputes amongst family members in the future.

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

The Hoffner Firm also handles personal injury cases to ensure that those injured due to no fault of their own are able to recover the monetary damages that they have acquired due to the accident. It is very important to ensure the injured party does not have to shoulder the responsibility of medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses that have resulted. We work very aggressively for our client, while also being sensitive to the needs and feelings of each client.

We also handle wrongful death suits in which another party is responsible for the death of a loved one. What we do in these cases is pursue the responsible party for any medical expenses that were acquired, lost wages, loss of support, loss of companionship, and a number of other losses.

Experience You Can Trust

You can trust the experience of the Hoffner Firm. Currently, Fabian Hoffner is serving as the Administrative Hearing Officer for the City of Minneapolis. He is also the appointed chairman of the Minnesota Special Review Board and the State of Minnesota Hospital Review Board at the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center. These achievements are the results of years of hard work and a passion of ensuring that justice is served in each case that is represented.

From the moment you call the Hoffner Firm, an intense interest is taken in your case. The goal is to evaluate your case, determine what the best options are, and to continue based upon that evaluation. You are never left to deal with the legal system alone. Your attorney works by your side from that first call until the court reaches its final decision. You can always rely on the Hoffner Firm for your legal needs.

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When you need a competent attorney to help you with your defense in a criminal case, with DUI or DWI charges, with your will, saving your professional license, or bringing those that have discriminated against you or injured you to justice, the Hoffner Firm can help you achieve the results that you need. To get started toward having a better future, call today at 612-206-3777 for your free consultation.