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Anoka County Nursing License Defense Lawyer


The oversight of nursing activities in the state of Minnesota is entrusted to the Minnesota Board of Nursing. This regulatory body establishes the rules and regulations that nurses must adhere to. Any violation of these rules can result in disciplinary measures, including license suspension, probation, or even license revocation.

If you are a nurse facing accusations of misconduct, it is crucial to seek the assistance of an experienced Anoka County nursing license defense attorney promptly. Having legal representation will give you the best chance of retaining your license during this stressful process, which should not be faced alone.

Supporting You throughout the Disciplinary Process

The disciplinary process involves several stages, which include:

  1. Receipt of the complainant’s letter by the board.
  2. Initiation of an investigation.
  3. Informal Settlement Conference.
  4. Negotiating an Agreed Order.
  5. Formal charges being filed against the nurse.
  6. Case proceedings.
  7. Appeal of the board’s decision or a rehearing.
  8. Hearing to determine temporary suspension, probation, or other disciplinary actions.
  9. Appealing the board’s decisions in District Court.

Not all cases will go through each step of the process. Sometimes investigations are halted, while in other instances, they progress only to a certain point, such as the case proceedings. The crucial aspect is being able to present the facts of the situation to the board, ensuring the best possible outcome. If you receive an investigation letter, it is essential to inform your Anoka County nursing license defense lawyer, who can guide you through the process.

Assisting You in Responding to Complaints

We are committed to standing by your side as you face the complaint lodged against you. Various individuals, including patients, patient families, law enforcement, co-workers, and doctors, can submit a complaint to the Board of Nursing. Complaints may involve allegations of drug abuse, mistreatment, practice errors, documentation mistakes, or any potential violation of the board’s rules and regulations.

Having an attorney’s expertise is vital at every stage to ensure that you can answer questions in the presence of your legal counsel and to prevent your answers from being used against you. Your attorney will also ensure that all relevant information is presented to the board, allowing them to understand why it is essential for you to retain your nursing license.

Contact an Anoka County Nursing License Defense Attorney

If your nursing license is under threat, you deserve the opportunity to defend it with the assistance of a qualified professional license defense attorney. You have worked hard to obtain your license and build your career, and it is crucial to prevent its loss if possible. To learn more about how Fabian Hoffner can assist you, please call 612-206-3777 for a free consultation.