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Minneapolis Nursing License Defense Attorney



All nurses in the State of Minnesota are regulated by the Minnesota Board of Nursing. The board has adopted rules and regulations that every nurse is to comply with. If a nurse is found to not be in compliance, he or she may be subject to discipline after the accusations are heard in a disciplinary hearing before the board.

If you are a nurse who has been accused of violating the rules and regulations adopted by the board, you have the right to a Minneapolis nursing license defense lawyer who can stand by your side throughout the entire process. You worked hard for your nursing license, so you want to do what you can to keep it and it is not a process you have to take on alone.

Guidance Through The Board Of Nursing Disciplinary Process

The investigation conducted by the board has certain stages involved. The first stage is the board receiving the initial complaint letter. This is what leads to the actual investigation. Other steps in the process include:

  • Informal Settlement Conference
  • Agreed Order Negotiations
  • Formal charges being brought
  • The case proceedings
  • Motions for appeals or rehearing of the case
  • Hearing for temporary suspension, probation, or another disciplinary action
  • You can appeal the decision of the board in District Court

The process is a daunting and stressful one, but the last thing you want is for your career to end prematurely. If you have received a letter stating you are being investigated, you need to make sure you have a Minneapolis nursing license defense attorney next to you every step of the way.

Effective And Aggressive Advocacy

Complaints come from many places, such as co-workers, patients, patient families, the law enforcement community, former employers, and sometimes they are submitted by someone with a vendetta.

The types of complaints can involve unprofessional conduct, criminal issues, documentation errors, drug abuse, and much more. Sometimes the investigations make it rather far to the point a disciplinary hearing is needed and other times they are stopped in their tracks because the facts say that nothing wrong occurred. It is important to secure your attorney as soon as you know you are being investigated so that you are prepared for any questions or other inquiries that come from the board. By being prepared, you run a much better chance of retaining your license.

Contact A Minneapolis Nursing License Defense Lawyer

If you need to protect your nursing license due to accusations that you did something wrong, you need the help of a qualified professional license attorney who knows how to stand with you in front of the nursing board. You worked hard to acquire your license, so you want to do what you can to keep it. To learn more about how Fabian Hoffner can help you in your license defense, call 612-206-3777 for a free consultation.