Protect your License with an Optometry Professional License Defense

If you are an optometrist who is the subject of an investigation or complaint it is important to hire a knowledgeable and experienced optometry professional license defense

counsel before making a response. Often times a professional counsel will be able to help create an effective response to the Board of Optometry. This response could result in the investigation being closed and no formal accusations being made. As an optometrist this is the best case scenario, because once a formal accusation is made it can harm your reputation and even result in your professional license being taken away.

Once a complaint is made, an optometrist typically has about six months before the investigation is completed by the board. This is why it is important to contact an experienced optometry professional defense attorney right away. If a formal accusation against an optometrist is made, the expense of defending the case can become quite expensive. In addition, once a formal accusation is made it will be posted on the Board of Optometry’s website. This post can have an adverse effect on your reputation as an optometrist even if the allegations made against you are proven to be without merit.

If a complaint has been filed against you and you have received any type of notification from the Board of Optometry including a letter, phone call, or a visit from an investigator, contact us today. Our legal team will begin working on your professional license defense case right away and do everything we can to help protect your license and reputation.