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Fabian Hoffner represents Nurses

The Minnesota Board of Nursing is called into action when there is an alleged violation of the state’s nurse practice act. Disciplinary cases are often grouped into the following categories: practice related, drug related, boundary violations, sexual misconduct, abuse, fraud, positive criminal background checks.

The next few entries will be about how to protect your nursing license when there is an allegation against you which involves any of these areas.

The first thing to remember is that your nurse license is probably among your most valuable possessions.  You went to Nursing school and you spent a lot of money \ time to get your nurse license. Allegations could have long lasting and serious implications on your ability to earn a living in the area you have chosen as your vocation.   It becomes vital that you not attempt to deal with these allegations on your own, but instead retain legal counsel that is experienced and well-versed in the language and actions of the Minnesota Board of Nursing.

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Next week we will talk about nursing practice related violations and how to respond to allegations from the Minnesota Board of Nursing.