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Medical Professionals can be shocked to learn that their family life can dramatically impact their occupational license and ability to practice. For example, defaulting on a court-ordered child support obligation may lead to a suspension, denial or revocation of their occupational license.

Occupational licensing boards are required to investigate professionals in default of court-ordered support obligations. Courts may order a licensing board to suspend, deny, or revoke a license after the obligor owes an amount equal to or greater than three times the total monthly support payment ordered. A court order suspending, denying, or revoking a license, will become valid only after the expiration of a 90 day stay designed to give the obligor a chance to execute a written payment agreement.
Professionals without a license are prohibited from legally practicing within the state of Minnesota. Any unlicensed practice may lead to criminal prosecution, fines, or delays in the reapplication of a license.

As a seasoned defense attorney, I know how to handle issues affecting both civil and criminal proceedings. Do not panic if you receive a notice from your licensing board or a court of law regarding an outstanding support obligation. You are entitled to an opportunity for hearing, before an impartial decision maker, while represented by legal counsel.
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