Know Your Rights. Know Your Options.

A simple allegation from a single individual for a number of reasons, such as misconduct and fraud, can result in a complaint made to the Real Estate Board. Some of the claims are valid, while others file a complaint due to a simple misunderstanding or mistake. Many excellent real estate agents find themselves on the receiving end of such claims. They need a strong REALTOR® license defense attorney in Minnesota to help them retain their professional license.

Hoffner Firm, Ltd. has the experience and expertise in situations like these. If you’ve been informed that a complaint was filed against you, our trusted real estate license lawyer is ready to aid you in your response to this accusation.

We Build Your Defense

If you are facing allegations that place your real estate license in jeopardy, our knowledgeable real estate license attorney will do the following:

  • Conduct Research Regarding the Complaint You’re Facing
  • Use Strategies to Expose the Facts in Your Case
  • Present Objections to the Accusations against You
  • Provide You Legal Representation throughout the Administrative Trial Process
  • (If Necessary) Assist You in Appealing to Overturn the Decision of the Real Estate Board to Revoke or Suspend Your License

Offenses that Could Cost Agents Their Real Estate License

Agents could lose their license to broker real estate when they commit any of the following:

Stealing or Mishandling Client Funds – While stories about shady brokers dipping into the funds of a buyer are common, money troubles can happen even to the most honest of agents. Many of the problems stem from commingling and shoddy bookkeeping.

Lying to the Client – Real estate agents may find themselves without their license for omissions, exaggerations, deliberate ambiguity, and misrepresentation — all of which are different kinds of lying. While a single little lie may not land the agent into trouble right away, making a habit of it will lead to the loss of a license.

Many agents get into trouble during the disclosure process. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, more than half (57 percent) of the lawsuits brought against practitioners were for misrepresentation. The second largest number (12 percent) was for failure to disclose. The difference between the two offenses is that failure to disclose is not telling the story at all while misrepresentation is not telling the complete story.

Lack of Competence – Incompetence come in many forms, such as failing to stay up to date on the new real estate regulations and not crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. The lack of competence will not only affect an agent’s reputation and ability to attract new clients, but also lead to losing their real estate license. While a single mistake will not automatically spell the revocation of the license, these errors can add up, which could escalate to client complaints.

What to Do if You Are Under Investigation

When you’re under investigation for misconduct, fraud, or any offense, you will typically get a letter informing you about this process. It may ask you to provide some form of response. Instead of replying right away, get in touch with our law firm. Refrain from submitting any response until our experienced real estate defense attorney has read the letter. They can offer you advice on how to reply.

Earning the right to practice as a real estate professional requires steadfastness and tremendous effort. Since you’ve placed much energy into getting this license, you shouldn’t let it go without a fight. Rely on us to walk you through the process and assist you in finding every avenue to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

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